About me

In Effectix, I am in charge of slovak SEO department, I do complete setting of SEO strategies and subsequently managing the website. I do primarily slovak websites, but I also have experience with foreign SEO – Hungary, Poland, Austria, USA. I regularly suggest new changes to the site. I realize proposals with regard to the business and the primary objectives of the client. I am a supporter of the STDC framework. Within SEO, I set up analytics tools, deploy heatmaps, and create UX suggestions for a better user experience on the client’s site.

I’ve been working on search engine optimization and overall online marketing since 2009. I have an overview and experience across all online marketing channels. It is clear to me that SEO is dynamic and we have to adapt to search engines and their updates, so I regularly train, attend conferences and exchange experience with other consultants. Web penalty and technical mistakes on the web are challenge for me.


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