Radim Kracik

Radim Kracík


About me

Growth of expertise, qualitative improvements, efficient processes, and a satisfied client. Long story short. This is my job at Effectix.

And longer version? My job is to make sure that we deliver top-class work to our clients. I have to sustain the team of specialists and come up with new improvements. My goal is a satisfied client and motivated employee.

Professional background

I studied New Media, worked as a copywriter and then a 3D graphic designer, I lived in New Zealand, found a job in Effectix, started as a script deployer, moved to SEO, became a team leader of the Czech SEO team and then CTO.

I am convinced that the basic prerequisite for effective cooperation is an understanding of the client’s business. At the same time, I know that it is necessary to constantly innovate and bring new solutions to clients and thus move their business. I believe that only values such as transparency, openness, partnership approach will ensure long-term client satisfaction.

Our address

U Nesypky 1255/3,
150 00, Prague 5-Smíchov,
Czech Republic