Vladimír Pauer

Vladimír Pauer

Business Development Manager

About me 

I have been in Effectix since 2012. Gradually I worked as Business Manager, Project Manager and Online Marketing Consultant. My clients include companies targeted toB2B and B2C. For example in the field of automotive, real estate, fashion store, industrial engines, cogeneration, aircraft engines and turbines, industrial and construction glass, plastics … I cooperate with them on solutions of online marketing in 9 countries incl. USA and Russia. I believe that what I measure, I manage it and what I manage, I improve it 🙂

Professional background

I participate in conferences and fairs such as. Marketing festival, Eshop summit, Shop expo, Shopcamp … I am certified by Google.com “Selling digital solutions” and lots of training in PPC, SEO, UX, social networking, GA etc.

Our address

U Nesypky 1255/3,
150 00 Praha 5 – Smíchov,
Czech Republic