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Michal Horňák
Head of CZ PPC Team

What our cooperation brings you

Transactions and sales

PPC is a performance channel. It often generates most of the sales. Focusing on maximising performance is essential and we know the potential of your business.

Higher profits

How much do you earn from each euro invested in PPC? Metrics like ROAS are extremely important for this. Invest your budget effectively.

Brand awareness

PPC has many great tools for brand promotion. In addition to effective performance, do you want to improve brand awareness? Contact us!

Michal Horňák
Head of CZ PPC Team

How we achieve the desired results

We perform an audit of the current account state. Then, we set realistic goals and design an optimal strategy. We then create a complete account structure and continuously optimise and test. 

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PPC Team

Other PPC services 

PPC management 

Leave PPC management to us so you can focus on your business. Ongoing management includes everything from initial analysis, account set-up, recommendations about creatives to ongoing optimisation, and regular reporting. We can help you with campaigns in Google Ads and Sklik. 

Audit of PPC campaigns

Want to find out how your PPC campaigns are performing? Or check for mistakes? Is there room to increase PPC profits? Do not lose out on ad value from incorrect Google Ads or Sklik settings. We prepare a one-time audit of PPC campaigns to provide you with the information you need. 

PPC training 

Do you want to get familiar with PPC? For example: What metrics should you observe? How can you structure ad accounts and create ads? What works and what doesn't? We can prepare a tailor-made training for you. 

Successes of our long-term clients

Increase in sales

+51 %

CPA lowering


Increase in sales


Spared credit


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