204% increase in organic traffic due to SEO

Jaroslav Vašut

Jaroslav Vašut
Head of SEO & Analytics

About the client

EP ENERGY TRADING, a.s. supplies electricity and natural gas to more than 60,000 households and corporate customers. It has been on the market since 2005 and is one of the companies of Daniel Křetínský Energy and Industrial Holding EP Infrastructure (EPIF). This holding company is the most important supplier of heat in the Czech Republic and the second-largest domestic producer of electricity. The size and strength of the group provides a guarantee to customers of having a stable background, financial security and long-term advantageous energy prices.

"Our clients include companies and entrepreneurs but mostly ordinary people. Our goal in the online environment is not to compete for customers by making comparisons. We believe in education and explanation, and in helping our customers. SEO is the best way to do that. We may not compete in PPC advertising, but in the long run, we build our reputation through organic search results. By creating interesting and useful content, we direct people to the right information."


Lucie Ďuriník

Marketing specialist

The start of our cooperation

It began with a migration to a new website on March 11th, 2018. At that time, the number of visits from organic search was around 2,500 visits per month. After migrating to the new website, there was a decline in organic traffic. We set a goal to stop the drop in traffic, and to revert the numbers to its original value before the move. The next step was to eliminate any remaining technical flaws. We recommended improvements that increased web loading speed.

The temporary decline of visitors stopped and in about six months, the numbers began to grow significantly.

204 % increase of users


The process

As part of the content strategy, we focused on topics related to electricity, gas, energy savings, explanation of basic concepts and current trends. These included subjects such as smart homes and cities, economical and environmental-friendly households and more.

We started to work on thematic content for the blog. As a result, the number of keywords on which the website ranked in Google increased.

Only 27 keywords ranked in the first three positions at the beginning of our cooperation. By the end of 2019, we managed to get 111 keywords into the first three positions.

By improving the link profile and links from topic-related websites, we managed to move the client to the 1st place in search portals (Google and Seznam) for keywords "cheap electricity" and "cheaper electricity". This was an excellent result, considering the budget and competition of big players in this sector (e.g. ČEZ, E.ON, Saved)

Achieved results

The number of visits from organic search increased by 139% (from 26,000 per year to more than 62,000 per year) and the number of users increased by 204% (17,000 vs. 51,000).

Significant numbers


more users


more visits





Who worked on the project

Klára Faiglová

Klára Faiglová

Head of CZ Social Media Team

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