Google CSS Partner. Why take part as soon as possible?

Radim Kracík

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22. 10. 2020

What is it about? Simply put. An advertiser can save up to 20 percent CPC in Google Shopping campaigns. Find out below how to do it and why go for it. 

What is Google CSS?

 CSS stands for the Comparison Shopping Services, the comparator of goods. In 2017, Google was fined a record 2.42 billion euros from the European Commission. The main argumentation was that Google favoured its own Google Shopping service over other comparators of goods, thus violating antitrust rules.

 Subsequently, an agreement was reached in which Google undertook to give other comparators of goods a 20 percent advantage over its own service. Thanks to this, the Comparison Shopping Partners programme was created, through which it is possible to advertise with a reduced CPC.



How does the existence of Google Shopping Partners manifest itself directly in search? The user basically does not recognize the change. Only instead of ‘From the Google site’ in the ad, a specific CSS partner will be mentioned.


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What will the switch to the CSS partner bring?

 Above all, the switching will bring a very fast reduction in the cost of campaigns thanks to a lower CPC. So, campaigns theoretically get more impressions and clicks for the same price.

How does the switch to the CSS partner proceed?

We are currently working with two partners who provide Google CSS services. As a client, you practically do not recognize the difference. We will take care of all technical matters of the switch. The only complication is that you will need to create a new Google Merchant Centre, and the campaigns will have to go through the learning phase again. However, all campaign settings can be transferred from the original Merchant Centre. You don't even need to create a new Google Ads account. The continuity of the advertisement will be uninterrupted, except for the temporary learning phase. However, the lower cost of a click will richly compensate it.

For whom is it appropriate to switch to the CSS partner?

In order for the switch to the Google CSS partner to pay off for the client, we recommend you to spend at least CZK 40,000 a month on Google Shopping. Of course, the higher your spending, the more evident the CPC price reduction will be.

How much does it cost to switch to the CSS partner?

We always treat our clients fairly, which is why we have prepared two models of cooperation according to the credit spent in Google Shopping. We will either prepare a fixed monthly price offer or a percentage of spending. We will recommend a variant that will be more advantageous for you.

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