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We manage our clients credit for more than CZK 7,500,000 and we realize over 48,000 conversions. See what companies we help.


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We are neither corporation nor a small company. Each member has a stable position in our team and everyone of us is quite original. Sometimes too much…


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Check if we are not actually looking for you. Even though we do not organize the selection process collection often, when we get an interesting CV in the mail, we focus. So try it!


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We are experts and we love our work is a performance agency that delivers efficient and fresh value-added solutions to clients at any time.

Nobody understands our work as a daily job. We are all professionals and we like to work in a field that we understand and which fulfills us – we regard our work as a life mission. That is why everyone, according to their specialization, regularly goes to Google for training or travels to workshops abroad, or enriches colleagues in the company and articles on blog or magazine. We have extensive knowledge and official certificates and do not hesitate to use it for you!

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