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Winning the SEO Game with Data Science Insights

Lukáš Kostka

5. 6. 2024

16 minutes of reading

Revolutionize your SEO with data science. Discover cutting-edge tools for keyword analysis and content generation, all in one user-friendly…

INSTRUCTIONS: Sharing access to the Business Manager

Eliška Papoušková

22. 10. 2020

1 minute of reading

Do you need to grant access to your Facebook Business Manager to an agency or specific person? We have prepared a simple procedure for you.

INSTRUCTIONS: How to set up and verify the Google Search Console service

22. 10. 2020

4 minutes of reading

See the article below for instructions on how to gain access to the Google Search Console.  Google Search Console in Brief  The…

INSTRUCTIONS: How to add additional users to your Google Analytics account?

22. 10. 2020

3 minutes of reading

See the article below for instructions on how to add a new user to Google Analytics. To add a new user to your Google Analytics account, you must first log in to your account using your email (or phone number) and password. Please note that all Google services require a Google account. You can have…

Google CSS Partner. Why take part as soon as possible?

Radim Kracík

22. 10. 2020

3 minutes of reading

What is it about? Simply put. An advertiser can save up to 20 percent CPC in Google Shopping campaigns. Find out below how to do it and why…

Employee motivation in practice

Radim Kracík

20. 8. 2019

2 minutes of reading

A few weeks after I became the new CTO in Effectix, I took a closer look at employee motivation. Because the outside temperature in the…

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